Improving Handwriting Skills
By:- Syeda Azra

Teaching children handwriting is so important, even though it’s complex and often challenging. Why? Because you don’t want them to develop bad habits that are hard to break and lead to problems.

have worked with children from the earliest age to help them start to understand the basics of handwriting.  I know that helping kids improve their handwriting skills is an important task.



. Always sharp the pencil before writing.

. Proper grip should be maintained while holding the pencil.

. Sit in a good posture.

. Proper spacing should be maintained between the words.

. Make writing fun! So they will build up speed naturally.            



. Don’t rush into writing.

.Don‘t compare with the peer group.

. Don’t scribbles on the paper.

. Don’t put pressure on your pencil while writing.

. Don’t  disturb the sequence of alphabet.

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