English Story Telling Grade 1-2 (CIR)

CIR/2017/3                                                        Date: 07/04/2017


Dear Parents,


This is to inform you that the English Story Telling Competition for grades I & II will be conducted by the class teachers on 12th April. The students are being  trained in the classroom by the respective teachers. Please make them practice the same at home so that they can memorize the story and the moral. Participation is compulsory for all.




Ø The time limit for each student is 3 minutes to recite the story.

Ø 3 stories are attached with the circular, out of which 1 is to be selected for this competition


The parameters for judgment are as follows:

1. Content

2. Intonation

3. Accent

4. Thought Pattern

5. Moral


Jazakallahu khaira,

For Insight International School

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