Colour Week Celebration @ IIS, Shaikpet...



As a part of teaching-learning process, little insighters celebrated the “COLOUR WEEK” with great enthusiasm from 1-12-2016 (Thursday) to9-12-2016 (Friday). The color week celebration enabled to


Motivational Speech @ IIS, Shaikpet.



Dr. Sadatullah Khan was invited to deliver a motivational speech to the staff of IIS, Shaikpet and some guests. The Session was very interesting as the speaker expressed about the self discovery. T


Pre-Primary Colour week celebration @ IIS, Shaikpet



Pre - Primary learners celebrated 'Red Day' on 01st December 2016 (Thursday) were learners were introduced to red colour. The event in pre-primary included beautiful red colour "Dressup" and persue


Sand Pit Play by Pre - Primary @ IIS, Shaikpet...



Learners of Nursery were introduced to play in the sand pit. This activity helped learners to improve gross motor skills. The activity had beautiful models and shapes. It ended with beautiful individu


Circle Time by Pre - Primary @ IIS, Shaikpet...



It Started with the role play of the story “The Talking cave” peppy learners acted like lion and jackal . The show also gave a moral of the story which was “when you are in danger think cleverly


Teacher Workshop by Cambridge University Press and McMillan Publisher...



Teachers from the Science, Mathematics and English department of Insight International School, Shaikpet attended professional development workshops organized by Cambridge University Press and Macmilla


Islamic Quiz for Grade 1 & 2 @ IIS, Shaikpet.



Little Insighters of Grade 1 and 2 participated enthusiastically in the Islamic Quiz held on 10th November 2016 at Insight International School, Shaikpet. It was an opportunity to enhance and ackno


Star Gazer's session @ IIS, Shaikpet...



The learners of grade 5 to 9 attended a session with a group of researcher who taught them innovative techniques in solving critical problems in their core subjects (Mathematics, Science, English and


Yaum - e - Urdu Celebration @ IIS, Shaikpet...



Yaum - e - Urdu Celebration at Insight International School on 09th November 2016. Write up attached.


Student Led Conference for Grade 1 & 2 @ IIS, Shaikpet...



The Student Led Conference (SLC) for Grade 1 & 2 was held on 19th November 2016 at Insight International School, Shaikpet. It provided opportunity to reflect on the knowledge acquired during this acad


Children's Day Celebration @ IIS, Shaikpet...



On the occasion of Children's Day, students enjoyed special assembly presented by teachers followed by various games and activities arranged by higher grades like Blowing Balloons in one minutes, br


IIS Shaikpet Pre - Primary Filed Trip to Nehru Zoological Park.



As part of the activity for International School Award (ISA) an educational field trip was organized on 11th November 2016 for learners of grade Nursery, PP1 & PP2 to Nehru Zoological Park. Learner


Education Day Celebration @ IIS, Shaikpet...



Insight International School, Shaikpet, celebrated Education Day on 11 November 2016. Insighters delivered speeches in English and Urdu. Learners of Grade 7 acted in a skit highlighting the importance


Introduction of parts of a plant to PP1A @ IIS, Shaikpet.



Learners of Grade PP1-A were shown a real plant to make them understand different parts of a plant. Learners sowed the seeds as part of an activity on plants to understand how a seed grows into a plan


Literacy & Arts Competition (Syahi) @ Meridian School



Enthusiastic and talented Insighters participated in the inter - school competition (Syahi) organized by Meridian School (Madhapur) on 05 November 2016. 39 Students were participated and 17 stude

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