Education Day Celebration @ IIS, Shaikpet...



Insight International School, Shaikpet, celebrated Education Day on 11 November 2016. Insighters delivered speeches in English and Urdu. Learners of Grade 7 acted in a skit highlighting the importance


Introduction of parts of a plant to PP1A @ IIS, Shaikpet.



Learners of Grade PP1-A were shown a real plant to make them understand different parts of a plant. Learners sowed the seeds as part of an activity on plants to understand how a seed grows into a plan


Literacy & Arts Competition (Syahi) @ Meridian School



Enthusiastic and talented Insighters participated in the inter - school competition (Syahi) organized by Meridian School (Madhapur) on 05 November 2016. 39 Students were participated and 17 stude


Police Commemoration Week by Hyderabad Police



On the occasion of Police Commemoration Week 2016. The Hyderabad City Police organized Literacy and Arts competitions at Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Public Garden, Nampally, Hyderabad. Grade 6 to 9 stude


IIS Fiesta - The Inter School Competitions @ IIS, Shaikpet...



Sports activity for various grades were organised on 25th October,2016. There were participants from 6 schools and various indoor & outdoor Competitions were organised. Students of Pre-Primary took p


A walk through an amazing animal wonderland @ IIS. Shaikpet...



A remarkable event was organized by Pre - Primary section of IIS, Shaikpet on 22 October 2016. "A Walk through an Amazing Animal Wonderland". The event is a part of ISA Activity. The classrooms we


IIS Fiesta - The Inter School Competitions @ IIS, Shaikpet...



Insight International School, Shaikpet, hosted the IIS - Fiesta 2016-17 on 24 October 2016. We hosted 400 students from six schools in Hyderabad. And the first day of two day event saw competitions in


SLC Grade 5



Students of grade 5A & 5B are using there model periscope to see thing and understand the concept of reflection


World Animal Day @ IIS, Shaikpet...



We at Insight International Schoo,l Shaikpet celebrated World Animal Day on 4 October 2016 as part of the ISA Activity for learners of grade Nursery to PP2. A special assembly was conducted in the




Excited and enthusiastic learners performed and exhibited their various skills to their parents. They were fascinated by the light and dark activity of boxes.


Creative Art activity was conducted for PP1 A students individually at IIS, Shaikpet.



Creative Art activity was conducted for PP1 A students individually at IIS, Shaikpet. Alphabet ( A - L ), Numbers ( 1 to 5 ) were recapitulated through fun-filled collage work like wool dabbing,


Hindi Divas Celebration @ IIS, Shaikpet...



राष्ट्रिय हिन्दी दिवस इनसाइट इंटरनेशनल स्कूल में बड़े ही हर्षो- उल्लास के सा


Teacher's Day Celebration @ IIS, Shaikpet....



Teacher's Day was celebrated at Insight International School, Shaikpet on 03 September 2016. Grade 7 A & B presented special assembly for teachers. Teachers took part in the competitions Musical Ch


Educational Field Trip (Pre-Primary) @ IIS, Shaikpet..



Field Trip to Shilparamam was organized for students of Pre - Primary in 24th August 2016, Students came to know about rural life through life size models in the museum. Filed trip was enjoyed by


Educational Field Trip (Grade 3,4 & 5) @ Sanjeeaviah Park...



The Learners of grade 3, 4 & 5 of Insight International School, Shaikpet were taken on an Educational Filed Trip to Sanjeeaiviah Park on 3rd August 2016 where the teachers conducted outdoor activitie

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